In Lost Ark, you can easily find Foundation Centennial Wine. Once you are in East Luterra, you can find this as soon as you have free roam. It is sold by Food Merchant Patrick in the southwest of Luterra Castle area.

Where is the Foundation Centennial Wine?

In the Luterra Castle area, go to the most southwest corner of the map. There will be a small area with many stalls and merchants selling various goods. The location is shown on the map below.

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When you’re there, stop by Food Merchant Patrick. Although he blends in, he is standing next to the only stall with a canopy.

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To see his wares, right-click on Food Merchant Patrick. The item will not appear by default. Instead, you need to look under the Buy Tab for Cooking and Ingredients. Click Ingredients to view the Foundation Centennial Wine.

This wine costs 8,000 Silver, which is more than most of the ingredients and dishes sold in the area. Patrick sells expensive goods, which is why his stall looks so nice and why he dresses so nicely. If you buy anything else from him, be prepared to spend a lot of money.

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