Lost Ark is an action-adventure MMO that features a great deal of content for players to experience. This includes Hidden Story collectibles which can be difficult to find. These are located in your Adventure Tome on the right of the menu. One of these Hidden Stories is Flawless Marksmanship.

You might be wondering where to find and complete The Flawed Marksmanship in Lost Ark. You can find this on the continent Yudia in the Saland Hill area. From the Nomad Camp, head east towards the entrance to the Thorngrip Bandit Den. Just below the entrance, you will see a round stone with a spiral in it. Interact with it to complete the Hidden Story.

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With the Flawless Marksmanship collectible out of the way, you are one step closer to completing Yudia. Finding all of these Hidden Stories is necessary to 100 percent the game, so you will need to seek them all out if you want to do this.

Hidden Stories give small bits of background story and lore. Some give information about NPCs while others will tell you about an event that has happened. So seeking them out is a good way to learn more about Lost Ark’s world. Happy hunting!

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