In Elden Ring, players will come across various Sorceries and Incantations that can raise physical attributes along with elemental attacks. The Flame Grant Me Strength is classified as a Support Incantation, and it costs around 28 FP to cast. The Flame Grant Me Strength Incantations creates an invigorating, flame-enhancing physical and fire-affinity attack power. It’s a handy tool that fits with most builds, and here’s how you can acquire this Incantation in Elden Ring. 

How to find Flame Grant Me Strength Incantation in Elden Ring

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

The Flame Grant Me Strength Incantation is located on a body on the southern side of Fort Gael. This area is located in Caelid, and you will come across this Fort quite early in the game. Players will come across two Maneuverable Flamethrowers at this location, along with several skeletons. Defeat them quickly, and gather the Incantation from the location shown in the image above. 

Flame Grant Me Strength Incantation in Elden Ring is a Fire Monk Incantation like Flame Sling, Surge, O Flame, Catch Flame, and others. It primarily scales off Faith and is quick to apply during intense fights. This Incantation only takes up one Memory Slot and is ideal for fighting enemies with fire-attack weakness.

We recommend using spells with fire affinity in combination with the Flame Grant Me Strength Incantation. While it is exceedingly useful against some enemies, it may fall short in front of opponents with fire resistance. Although it is not one of the strongest Incantations in the game, Flame Grant Me Strength is a good choice for builds that revolve around fire attacks.

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