Want to complete the quest to fire the Firework Flare Gun in Fortnite? If you want to, the first step is to find the gun. Here’s a breakdown on how to find the gun are where to land to effectively complete your quest.

All Firework Flare Gun Locations in Fortnite

For the No Sweat Summer session in Fortnite, there is the coveted Firework Flare Gun that players are clamoring to get their hands on. It is a You can find the Firework Flare Gun in one of two certain places, with one additionally possible location:

  • Loot Chests
  • Supply Drops
  • Some players have reported occasionally seeing Firework Flare Guns just lying out in the open around the map. This is something you might keep in mind, but we don’t find it to be a surefire method.

Don’t become too discouraged if it takes you a while to find the Firework Flare Gun. This is because it is not uncommon in Fortnite to have the spawn rates of a quest item lowered while the challenge is going on. For this reason, some players have found that it takes them a bit of patience to finally find a gun of their own.

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The quest for the shooting off the Firework Flare Gun requires you to fire it in one of two locations: Titled Towers or Mighty Monument. For this reason, we think the best course of action would be to land either at an equidistant point between these locations or closer to one. Here are some recommended landing spots:

  • Equidistance: Bridge halfway between Shuffled Shrines and Rocky Reels.
  • Equidistance: Southeast of the Puddle Pond.
  • Closer to TT: East of the Reality Tree.
  • Closer to TT: Reality Roots
  • Closer to MM: Northeast corner of the Sanctuary.
  • Closer to MM: Launchpad

How to Complete the Fortnite Firework Flare Gun Quest

To complete the quest in Fortnite that requires you to shoot the Firework Flare Gun Quest, you really only need to complete a couple of simple steps. First, find and equip a Firework Flare Gun. Second, fire it off in either the Mighty Monument or Titled Towers location. Of course, keep in mind that you need to do this while fending off enemies and keeping yourself safe. That aspect is one of the harder parts of the challenge.

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