In Naraka: Bladepoint, the player must scavenge the map for weapons, armor, and other gear. This is crucial to surviving. Throughout the map, the player can also find environment objects and items to interact with that cannot be picked and placed in their inventory.

Fireflies are one such item the player can find. They are difficult to spot but with a keen eye, the player can spot those glowing insects. They typically spawn in caves or around clusters of rocks and look like a cluster of greenish-yellow lights.

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Fireflies can be grabbed by the player which will fill their rage meter. The rage meter is what is used by a player’s ultimate ability, so by collecting fireflies the player will be able to use their ultimate sooner and more frequently. Ultimate abilities are powerful enough to take on multiple foes or to turn the tides of a losing battle.

One of the week one challenges is to collect four fireflies. Doing so will reward the player with experience and battlepass experience. So collecting fireflies is in the player’s best interest both out of game and in-game. Unlike other environmental items, there is no aura associated with fireflies.

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