To find fireflies in Grounded, you will need to search both the Flooded zone and the Flower bed regions in the game, while it is night. 

The reason why is simple, fireflies only spawn in both areas while it is night. Fireflies will also spawn at high altitudes so you may need to search the sky around both regions we mentioned.

However, it shouldn’t be too hard to locate them as they will glow a bright yellow. You will also need to farm fireflies for resources such as bioluminescent goop and Iridescent scales.

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Both resources are required for the Firefly headlamp you can craft via the workbench. The Firefly headlamp is essentially a big flash light you can wear on your head, so making it is recommended so you can see better at night. 

To make the Firefly headlamp, you will need the following resources.

  • 4 Iridescent scales.
  • 3 Berry leather
  • 5 Bioluminescent goop

You can get two of these resources as we already mentioned from fireflies, but for the third one, berry leather, you will need to farm berry chunks. 

To find berry chucks, we recommend searching the area around the Pound Lab, then once you have everything, take it back to a workbench to make the helmet in the game. 

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