Occasionally you will need to fight Feral Ghouls for challenges or to complete certain quests when exploring the vast world of Fallout 76. That said, you can find feral ghouls in the following locations listed below. 

The best locations to find Feral Ghouls in Fallout 76:

  • The Whitespring Golf Club
  • Morgantown
  • Vault-Tec University
  • The Burrows
  • Charleston Capitol Building DMV 
  • Watoga Emergency Services

Depending on your level, some of the locations might be better suited to search first. For instance, the ghouls that roam the town of Morgantown tend to be around lower levels, while the ghouls in the Charleston Capitol Building are around levels 50 and up.

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This is also the case with a few of the other locations in the game, with most being towards the high-level side. So because of that, we highly recommend going to Morgantown if you are low level first and save the others for when you are higher level. 

However, the level scale will also depend on if a high-level player has been in the area. So with a lot of the more remote areas like Watoga and the Burros, you will find more high-level ghouls.

So if you end up going to a location and the levels are way above yours, we recommend logging out and trying a new server until the levels are more along your lines. That being said, the following is where you can find all locations on the world map in Fallout 76.


Morgantown is a location situated in the forest region of Fallout 76, and the town is also home to several quests in the game and events. However, the most notable feature is that the city is completely overrun with ghouls. 

Vault-Tec University

Also in Morgantown is a location called, Vault-Tech University and it, like much of the town, is overrun with ghouls. The location is a dungeon of sorts and involves a quest, so if you haven’t been to the location yet, now’s a good time! 

Charleston Capitol Building DMV 

In the town of Charleston is a building called the Capitol Building. However, for this location, you will need to find a door towards the east of the structure that leads into a DMV section. Inside and past a few doors in the DMV to find the ghouls.

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Watoga Emergency Services

You can find this building in the town of Watoga at the bottom of the map shown above. However, inside the building, you will need to climb a set of stairs to get where the ghouls are located. But be warned, these ghouls like others on this list, will be high level and might have other creatures such as a wendigo near them,

The Burrows

Inside Harper’s ferry and in the mire, you can find a maintenance hole to this next location called the burrows. See the image above if you haven’t found the location yet in your game.

The Whitespring Golf Club

In the middle map and south of Morgantown lies this next location called The Whitespring Golf Club. This location is right next to the merchant hub called The Whitespring Resort, and inside it, you can find a ton of ghouls on two floors. There’s also a chance for a wendigo and other creatures to spawn at the club, so it’s always worth checking.

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