It’s no secret that nearly everything in Rune Factory 5 is either too expensive or not available without an expansion from Studio Palmer. This is why it helps to craft your own weapons, tools, armors, accessories, and more. However, each item need specific materials to be made. A common one are Fangs.

Here’s where to find some.

How to get Fangs

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There are many types of Fangs in Rune Factory 5, but the most common one are Wolf Fangs. These are dropped by Silver Wolves in Lake Yumina, which is located southwest of Rigbarth. The region is accessible as early as day one. However, the monsters in the area are roughly in their level 40s, so be careful.

Silver Wolves can be tamed. Just make sure you’re of a (much) higher level than they are before you attempt to befriend them. To see if one can be tamed at your current level, offer it an item.

  • If you immediately see a skull, level up some more.
  • Once you see a heart pop up, that means your success rate is much better.

Then, you can start throwing Iron or other items you may have until it warms up to you. Do not attack it and do not bring a party member that will very likely attack it in the middle of your taming. It will undo all of your hardwork. Once tamed, Silver Wolves will produce one Wolf Fang for you every morning. Plus, the higher its friendship level, the better the Wolf Fangs’ quality will be.

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