The sheer number of bosses you are going to hack and slash through in Elden Ring is simply astounding. It’s easy for a player to find themselves stuck on an enemy whose strength far outweighs that of their Tarnished, desperately fleeing to fight another day. At times like this, it’s best to tackle some of the lesser bosses to increase your strength and stats—and the Evergaols provide the perfect opportunity.

Gaol is a Middle English word for jail, and it’s also pronounced in the same manner. Therefore, the word Evergaol essentially means an eternal jail. These magical prisons, scattered all around the Lands Between, houses some of the most challenging bosses in the game. The fact that you are not allowed to use summons while fighting them makes the task even harder, but the rewards yielded from defeating them makes it worth the while.

All Evergaol Boss Locations in Elden Ring

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There are a total of 10 Evergaols that a player can find in Elden Ring, and they are scattered from starting areas like Limgrave, all the way to endgame areas like Mountaintops of the Giants and Liurnia. Players should keep an eye out for Abnormal Stone Clusters, as they will almost always surround an Evergaol. Here are the locations of every Evergaol in Elden Ring.

Evergaols in Limgrave

Forlorn Hound Evergaol – Bloodhound Knight Darriwil

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The first of many Bloodhound Knights you will encounter in the game, Bloodhound Knight Darriwil is fast, agile, and will pose the first real test of skills for your Tarnished. You will find this Evergaol towards the south of Limgrave Lake, just before the Bridge of Sacrifice which leads to the Weeping Peninsula. Darriwil, and the Forlorn Hound Evergaol is directly tied to Blaidd’s questline, and defeating him will drop the Bloodhound’s Fang (Curved Greatsword).

Stormhill Evergaol – Crucible Knight

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The Stormhill Evergaol can be found in an open grassy area, towards the left of Stormveil Castle. Be careful, however, as the boss that you encounter here is none other than the dreaded Crucible Knight. Known for their insane attack range and hit damage, it is no easy task to best it in battle. Defeating the Crucible Knight will drop the Aspects of the Crucible: Tail (Incantation).

Evergaols in Weeping Peninsula

Weeping Evergaol – Ancient Hero of Zamor (Requires a Stonesword Key)

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Located on the eastern side of Weeping Peninsula, the Weeping Evergaol can be found towards the north of the Walking Mausoleum. Although one of the relatively easier Evergaol Bosses, the Ancient Hero of Zamor does possess some unique mechanics, utilizing Frostbite damage with fast dodges. However, they can be countered easily with Fire, Lightning, and Magic. Once defeated, they drop the Radagon’s Scarseal (Talisman).

Evergaols in Liurnia of the Lakes

Malefactor’s Evergaol – Adan, Thief of Fire

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The Malefactor’s Evergaol is located on the cliffside overlooking Liurnia Lake Shore. Players should stick to the cliffside on the western side of the lake, and use a Spiritspring to jump on top of the cliff. Adan is one of the earliest Evergaol Bosses you might face, and is not too difficult to master. His movement is slow, and attacks lack range. Defeating him will drop the Flame of the Fell God (Incantation).

Cuckoo’s Evergaol – Bols, Carian Knight

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This Evergaol is located on the western banks of the lake in Liurnia of the Lakes, and players can reach it by continuing north of the Malefactor’s Evergaol. Here, you will face Bols the Carian Knight, who is essentially a troll with some magic tricks up his sleeves. His towering frame means his attacks hit hard, but they can be easily avoided due to the lack of speed. Stay under him to constantly attack his legs to bring him down easily. They will drop the Greatblade Phalanx (Sorcery), once defeated.

Royal Grave Evergaol – Alabaster Lord

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The Royal Grave Evergaol is located east of Caria Manor. Players are required to defeat the boss in Caria Manor, Loretta, in order to access the area surrounding the mansion. Quite big in structure, and utilizing gravity magic to deal projectile damage to opponents, the Alabaster Lord can be a challenging fight. However, due to their slow movement and manageable HP, it is easy to take him down. Once defeated, they will drop the Meteorite (Sorcery).

All Evergaols in Liurnia Quest Area

Ringleader’s Evergaol – Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader

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This Evergaol can only be accessed by progressing Ranni’s questline, which will give you access to the Moonlight Alter Plateau. To find the Evergaol, head northwest from the Moonlight Alter Site of Grace, all the way to the northwesternmost tip of the plateau. Once you start the battle, you will quickly realize that defeating Alecto is no easy feat. She is a Black Knight Assassin who is incredibly agile, and deals tons of area damage. Once defeated, she will drop Black Knife Tiche (Ashes).

All Evergaols in Caelid

Sellia Evergaol – Battlemage Hugues

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In order to find the Sellia Evergaol, players will have to head east from the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace, and then down south towards the pillar which used to contain the area’s map. As a Battlemage, Hugues relies mostly on ranged magic attacks to deal hefty amounts of damage. Owing to this, it’s more advisable to use melee attacks on him, rather than ranged. Be careful of the AoE damage from his Canon of Haima, as it deals double damage if it hits you. Once defeated, Battlemage Hugues will drop the Battlemage Hugues (Ashes), which let you summon him in battles.

All Evergaols in Altus Plateau

Golden Lineage Evergaol – Godefroy the Grafted (Requires a Stonesword Key)

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To reach this Evergaol, players need to head east from the Erdtree Gazing Hill, a bit into the ravine, and then head south through the camp and the bridge. The Evergaol will be just beyond this bridge. In terms of looks, Godefroy is almost similar to his demigod counterpart, Godrick the Grafted. His attacks hit hard, and he constantly deals an AoE damage around him. However, players who have bested Godrick will find little trouble in bringing down Godefroy. Once defeated, he will drop the Godfrey Icon (Talisman).

All Evergaols in the Mountaintops of the Giants

Lord Contender’s Evergaol – Roundtable Knight Vyke

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This Evergaol is found on the southwest banks of the Frozen Lake, and can be reached by heading northeast from the Whiteridge Road Site of Grace. Despite the menacing name, Roundtable Knight Vyke is relatively easy to fight, and is perhaps the most human of all Evergaol bosses in the game. He uses lightning attacks, but can be interrupted quite frequently. Once defeated, he will drop the Fingerprint Armor Set, and Vyke’s Dragonbolt (Incantation).

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