To find Errol the Stonebreaker in V Rising, you will need to locate the Bandit Copper Mine in the bottom middle of the Farebane Forrest area. Inside the Mine section of the Bandit Copper Mine, you will find Errol the Stone Breaker. But before facing Errol, we recommend ensuring you are at the right Gearl Level to face Errol the Stone Breaker. The following items will raise your Gear Level to 20+ in V Rising. 

  • Full set of Plate Boneguard armor: To make a full set of Boneguard armor, you will need to have a Full set of normal Boneguard armor and 60 Animal Hides apiece.
    • How to make Boneguard Armor: You will need a total of 100 Bones and 60 Animal hides to make one full set of Boneguard armor.
  • Copper Weapons: To make Copper weapons, you will need 16 Copper Ingots and 12 Planks apiece.
  • Crossbow: If you want to beat Errol the Stonebreaker, we highly recommend making a Crossbow with 12 Planks and 6 Leather.

Once you have the items above, you will be ready to face the Stonebreaker in his Bandit Copper Mine. But before facing him, make sure to start tracking by visiting the Blood Altar. Doing so will make hunting Errol the Stone Breaker down inside his Bandit Copper Mine.

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How to beat Errol the Stone Breaker

To beat Errol the Stone Breaker in V Rising, we recommend attacking him in a group of two or more people and making sure one person has a ranged weapon and the other a melee weapon. Doing so will help both players attack and defeat Errol the Stone Breaker. In short, Errol is a melee-focused Boss and will most likely focus on the person closest to them. So while Errol is distracted, the person with the ranged weapon can focus damage on them. But besides bringing a friend along for the ride, you should follow the tips below for beating Errol the Stone Breaker in V Rising:

  • Watch out for AOE: Errol will occasionally send out a shock wave attack that can be avoided by walking out of the way.
  • Don’t Get Too Close: Errol is a strong melee combatant and can stun the player and send them flying if they are close. Because of this, it is best to have one player distract them while another fires ranged attacks from afar.  

How to unlock a Crossbow in V Rising

If you want to unlock a Crossbow to use in the fight with Errol the Stone Breaker, you will need first to kill Rufus the Foreman. You can find Rufus the Foreman in the Bandit Logging Camp, and once he is killed, you can make the Crossbow inside a Woodworking Bench. Making a Crossbow will cost 12 Planks and 6 Leather.

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