A time limit is associated with the Eggy Eggy Soft Boiled Egg in Lost Ark. To begin the process of making an Eggy Eggy Soft Boiled Egg, you will need 100,000 Silver. Before you begin, make sure to read the entire guide, because you have exactly one minute to get this right, or you must redo it. To begin, you will need a Boiled Mokoko Egg.

Where to find the Boiled Mokoko Egg

The Boiled Mokoko Egg can be purchased at the Mokoko Village in Tortoyk. Talk to Purpur on the eastern side of Whistle Plaza. She will sell you the Boiled Mokoko Egg for 100,000 Silver. To purchase it, you can press Exchange next to the price.

The map below shows exactly where she is located.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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Wait exactly one minute for the Boiled Mokoko Egg to become an Eggy Eggy Soft Boiled Egg. You now have one minute to right-click on it. If you wait two minutes, the Eggy Eggy Soft Boiled Egg will become a Yucky Yucky Hard Boiled Egg.

You cannot save the egg after it becomes a Yucky Yucky Hard Boiled Egg. You must spend another 100,000 Silver for a new Boiled Mokoko Egg.

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