Drifloon is a Generation IV Pokémon that shows up as Pokémon number 38 in the Pokémon Legends: Arceus Hisuian Pokédex. Like with all Pokémon in the game, Drifloon shows up in special areas and has unique features that you should know if you want to add it to your collection.

Drifloon Locations

There are several locations where you can get Drifloon, but you can only catch it when it is night in the game.

  • Obsidian Fieldlands: You can find Drifloon in Aspiration Hill, Horseshoe Plains, and Floaro Gardens of the Obsidian Fieldlands.
  • Cobalt Coastlands: You can find Drifloon in Ginkgo Landg, Bathers’ Lagoon, Deadwood Haunt, and Tranquility Cove of the Cobalt Coastlands.
  • Alabaster Icelands: You can find Drifloon in Avalugg’s Legacy, Glacier Terrace, and Heart’s Crag of the Alabaster Icelands.
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How to catch Drifloon

Like most other Pokémon, Drifloon can be caught with Poké Balls. You can greatly increase your chance of a successful throw by weakening Drifloon before you throw a ball at it. Drifloon is a Ghost/Flying Pokémon, so the best way to weaken it is to use Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, or Rock attacks against it. Once you have it down to low health (be careful not to knock it out!), throw a Poké Ball to capture it.

Drifloon Evolutions

Drifloon is the first form in its evolutionary line. It can be evolved by going into your Pokémon stash and manually evolving it once it has met the right conditions.

  • Conditions
    • Must be level 28 to evolve into Drifblim.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get a Drifloon!

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