In the end game of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, there are plenty of deviants quests you can undertake by speaking to the Clerk in Lulucion. But there are a few more deviant monsters to encounter, and one of them is Dreadqueen Rathian.

To start this quest, you need to go to Nua Ta Village and speak to the Yoomlana there, the leader of this village. Now, this quest is unlike any other deviant quest. You need to solve a riddle based on the Wyverian’s Song.

The first thing you need to do is Explore a tall desert tower. This means Lamure Tower. Head to the second floor and the area located in the image below. Face the wall, and they’ll be a sparkly object embedded into it. This is the first clue.

The next part of the song is to Explore a forest of giant trees. This means Etulle Loft Trees. Head to where the Paolumu Den is on your map, which is the farthest south you can go in this area. Move closer to the den but not inside. Turn around and on the left-hand wall of the entrance to this den is the second clue.

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The third part of the riddle is to Explore the King of the Skies’s den. This means Guardian Ratha’s den in Guardian Ratha Woods, just before the Forbidden Grounds. It’s quicker to fast travel to the Forbidden Grounds then go south than to go all the way through these woods.

Once you get to the location below, on the east side of this area is a broken-down wall with a door. To the right of the door is the third clue.

After all three are collected, go to the Terga Volcano Base in the evening, and Dreadqueen Rathians den will appear. Mine appeared to the south of this area. We’re not sure if it’s different for everyone. If in doubt, open up your map and look for High Rank Subquest Den. If you have a few, it’ll be one of them. Go inside and defeat her to complete this quest.

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