The Cykin Combat Ration Type A is one of the easiest materials to craft in Lost Ark. This is available as soon as you arrive in Arthetine. It only requires 30,000 Silver and speaking to Cooking Ingredient Merchant Malina.

Where to find Cykin Combat Ration Type A

Cooking Ingredient Malina is in the Market District in the Origins of Stern Area. She can be found next to Neria’s Tavern and only sells one item. You can buy the Cykin Combat Ration Type A for 30,000 Silver. If you don’t have enough to do this already, Origins of Stern is a major city, and you can sell a great deal of stuff here to earn enough Silver.

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Talk to Malina to open her shop, and buy the Cykin Combat Ration Type A.

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Go to your Inventory and right-click on the Cykin Combat Ration Type A to use it. Your character will note that their stomach hurts afterward, but you’ll get the entry in your Adventurer’s Tome.

We recommend doing this before crafting any other collectible because it takes the least amount of effort and only requires the player to visit the Market District, where you can purchase other ingredients.

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