When you start playing Slime Rancher 2, some of the very first resources that you come across will be fruits and veggies like Carrot, Pogofruit, and Cubbery. The rarest of the aforementioned resources, Cuberry, is the favorite food of Phosphor Slimes and here’s how can find them in the game.

How to get Cuberry in Slime Rancher 2

The two Cuberry trees that we managed to find during our exploration are marked on the map shown above. These can be found in the Rainbow Fields area, which is located to the west of The Conservatory. Please note that you may need to do some climbing to reach these trees and pluck the fruit using your Resource Harvester. Also make sure to pick any fallen fruit lying under the trees.

Grow your own Cuberry in Slime Rancher 2

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Since Cuberries are somewhat difficult to find, it’s best to have a tree of your own that will give you fruit regularly. Inside The Conservatory, convert an empty plot into a Garden by spending 250 coins. Now shoot a Cuberry from your inventory at the machine standing next to the plot. Your Cuberry tree should spawn instantly and it’ll start growing fruit in no time.

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