The Cowl’s Moving Locarok Hidden is a timed Hidden Story in Lost Ark. It is located in the Seaswept Woods Area and the Skyreach Steppe area in Tortoyk. Keep in mind that you have exactly 20 minutes to find the next part once you start it.

Where is the Cowl’s Moving Locarok Hidden Story?

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The first Hidden Story can be found in Seaswept Woods, near the northern end. It’s under the fallen tree at the very edge of the map. If you go under the tree itself, you can move your mouse around until it turns into an investigation icon. The map above indicates where that icon appears.

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The second Hidden story can be found in the middle of Skyreach Steppe, but it is hidden. Go to Rockforest Hill, where the map above points to, and then look for a waterfall. See the image below for the exact location you need to explore to find this hidden story. To begin investigating it, click in the area where the red box is.

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Remember that you have only 20 minutes to find the second hidden story after finding the first.

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