Corruption Arrows in Horizon Zero Dawn cause machines and humans to attack anyone in range of them. Rather than overriding machines, Corruption Arrows can instead be used to the same effect to gain a temporary ally when attacking a large group of enemies. This is mainly used as ammo for War Bows but only for a few of them. This is where to find Corruption Arrows in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Where To Find The Shadow War Bow In Horizon Zero Dawn

The most widely accessible War Bow that uses Corruption Arrows is the Shadow War Bow. This can be purchased from the Merchant in Meridian for 800 Metal Shards and one Trampler Heart. It allows Aloy to use Freeze, Shock, and Corruption Arrows, making it good at inflicting Status Effects. Corruption Arrows can be crafted by using 10 Ridgewood, five Metal Shards, and two Metalburn.

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Other War Bows With Corruption Arrows

There are two other War Bows that allow the usage of Corruption Arrows. These are the Banuk Champion Bow and the Lodge War Bow. The Banuk Champion Bow can be traded for with Bluegleam, a unique item that can be used to trade for a special Banuk weapon that can be redeemed once per playthrough.

The Lodge War Bow is awarded to Aloy after completing all five Hunting Grounds, earning 15 Blazing Suns from them. Aidaba will then reward players with the weapon, which is better than the Shadow War Bow but not as powerful as the Adept variant of the Banuk Champion Bow.

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