The multiplayer survival game Icarus is filled with various resources the player can collect. Without these resources, players will have a tough time staying alive on this dangerous planet. One resource that becomes important later on in Icarus is copper. You might be wondering where to find copper in Icarus.

To find copper ore in Icarus, you will need to locate caves. Copper Ore can be found inside these caves and can sometimes be found just outside them. You will need a pickaxe to mine this ore, so make sure you come prepared before going spelunking.

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Copper is used in various tools and craftables, so it is worth seeking this ore out. It is especially used in interior wood constructs. You will also need a furnace to smelt copper ore into copper ingots.

Copper isn’t the most common ore you can find in caves in Icarus, but it should be fairly easy to locate after exploring a cave or two. Watch out for cave worms as they reside within caves and kill you if you aren’t paying attention.

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