If you have attempted to kill Charlie Montague or are in the process of doing so but are currently in his bedroom. You can find some essential information. Especially how to assassinate two Visionarys at once by finding a photograph with Charlie and Fia, but where is the location?

The location is at Fristad Rock. There are two ways to get to the location shown in the photograph. The first is by following the shoreline to the left, but that’s a very long way round. It involves climbing, killing, etc.

The shortest route is to go behind the Delivery Booth, next to where the car has crashed into the building on its left, as soon as you come out of your entrance door. Go behind there, and you’ll be in a new area.

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Watch out for the three enemies in front of you and landmines dotted about the area. Skirt the right wall until you are down by the sea. Follow the water to the left, and you’ll eventually see a building on your right. This is where the photograph was taken. Go inside the building, and you’ll find a new puzzle with a clue to go open a safe at the entrance of Yervha at Karl’s Bay.

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