In Tower of Fantasy, you can find Caterpillar Fungus in the Warren region of Aesperia. These fungi are spread across this snowy region, most often in the frozen grass. You can easily miss them if you’re not careful, so use a map often to find all the spots. Your effort will pay off, as Caterpillar Fungus is an essential cooking ingredient for some great meals.

All Caterpillar Fungus locations in Tower of Fantasy

Image via Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map

Reference the Caterpillar Fungus icons above to find all the Caterpillar Fungus locations in the Warren region of Aesperia.

How to get Caterpillar Fungus in Tower of Fantasy

You can find Caterpillar Fungus in Warren Snowfield, part of the Warren area in Aesteria. There are many places for you to find these fungi, so take a stroll and enjoy your foraging. Keep in mind that Caterpillar Fungus is hidden in the snow, but it will glow when you get near it. These fungi look like yellow chili pepper, so they stand out slightly in the snow.

What to do with Caterpillar Fungus in Tower of Fantasy

You can enjoy eating fungus raw; we can only assume it’s super tasty. By consuming it, you’ll regenerate 4 satiety and restore 15,000 hit points and another 7% of health. This is great, but you can get even more if you cook Caterpillar Fungus Noodles that restore 60,000 health, another 20% of hit points, and 20 satiety. As you can see, eating fancy fungi food pays off. So find a cooking robot and enjoy your meal!

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