Tower of Fantasy is an open-world title filled to the brim with things to do and collect. Many of the resources you collect are used in cooking recipes. Cooking allows you to regain health, Satiety, or stamina. Ingredients can be found in various ways, such as by exploring the world or buying them. This may leave you wondering where to find ingredients such as Carbonated Water in Tower of Fantasy.

All Carbonated Water locations in Tower of Fantasy

Many ingredients found in the wild can be located using the interactive map for Tower of Fantasy. But Carbonated Water cannot be found exploring the world, so head to one of the locations marked on the map below.

North Aesperia

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South Aesperia

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How to get Carbonated Water in Tower of Fantasy

Carbonated Water is not an ingredient you can find in the world but rather one you purchase from a food vendor. This is Mrs. Taylor in Astra, who can be found just outside of the Astra Shelter on the riverside. Harriet also sells Carbonated Water at Banges Dock. Carbonated Water costs 40 Gold and has a daily purchase limit of 99.

What to do with Carbonated Water in Tower of Fantasy

Carbonated Water is an ingredient used in cooking recipes. It regenerates 80 Endurance when consumed raw, which isn’t bad, but it is better used in cooking. So we recommend you go to a cooking station and use Carbonated Water to craft various meals.

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