Genshin Impact is a game that focuses on cooking by adding tons of recipes. A common ingredient that you will need early on in the game is cabbage. Cabbage, unlike other ingredients, can be a bit confusing to find since you won’t always run across them when you are out exploring the world.

Cabbages aren’t found growing in the wild. You will either need to loot them or buy them. You can buy cabbages from the Mondstadt General Store, Second Life in Liyue Harbor, and from Tsukumomono Groceries in Inazuma City. Each store has a stock of 100 cabbages. A single cabbage will cost you 100 Mora.

You can also find cabbage when you are breaking barrels or crates in the wild. They may also pop out when you check an investigation point, and if you beat the Unusual Hilichurl, it will drop three cabbages. This is one of the only plants that isn’t growing in the wild, but it’s plentiful at shops which ensures that you will always be able to have some on hand.

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