Cozy Grove: New Neighbears is a fun DLC pack that adds in new Bears and new features. One of the most intresting new features is the ability to nab yourself some butterflies. If you have started up your game, and have yet to see any, don’t be too surprised, conditions need to be just right for them to appear.

What season do butterflies appear in Cozy Grove?

Butterflies can appear from your very first day of playing Cozy Grove, provided you have purchased the New Neighbears DLC. Here is everything you need to know about finding them.

  • Butterflies spawn between March and September.
  • The months of March and September have the lowest spawn rates.
  • Butterflies spawn the most near areas with multiple potted flowers.
  • You will need the net from Mr. Kit to catch them.

Spryfox has added in a disclaimer that butterflies have less than a 20 percent spawn rate even in proper conditions. This is because the bugs in Cozy Grove are left up to the mercy of RNG, but if you keep checking back, you will eventually find one.

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