If you are looking for the classic trio of starter Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee or Pikachu then this guide will help you do just that! Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle make up the classic first three Pokemon you can choose from and are bursting with nostalgia for old and young players alike! We’ve got a complete guide that will help you easily locate these well known pokes.

Normally you get a chance to choose one of three for your starter, but whatever game you decided on had already made that choice for you. I’m sure a lot of you are wanting to grab one of the originals from Blue and Red which are actually quite powerful.

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If you are wanting to track these down in the wild, then be sure to grab some Lures. Each of these three Pokemon are considered rare spawns, so they will show up pretty infrequently. However, if you use a lure and just stand still so you don’t burn down the duration, you will be far likelier to find one of the three Pokemon you are seeking!

Where-to Find Bulbasaur

The classic Grass starter Pokemon that eventually evolves into Ivysaur and finally into Venusaur and has some strong Special Attack and Defense.

If you don’t want to find Bulbasaur in the wild, then you can head to an NPC that lives in Cerulean City. Right next to the Pokemon Center on the left is a yellow house with a blue roof. Head into there and talk to the woman with the Bulbasaur in front of her. You will need to have caught at least 30 Pokemon before she will hand over the new Pokemon to you!

Another way to get one of these is in the wilds! Make your way to Viridian Forest and Bulbasaur can be found as a wild spawn in this area. You’ll of course want to use a lure to increase the likelihood of you finding one. If you really just want a quick Bulbasaur, then I’d stick with the one mentioned above.

Where-to Find Charmander

Charmander is the fire type Pokemon that evolves into Charmeleon and finally into the fearsome Charizard!

To find yourself a free Charmander, then you’ll want to head to Route 24 and across the Nugget Bridge. You’ll likely head this direction in the main story, but if you missed him then you can return to here. Have a talk with the guy with the Charmander next to him, and if you have 50 Pokemon collected he will give up this little one for free!

You can find these in the wild in the Rock Tunnel, Route 3, Route 4 as a rare encounter.

Where-to Find Squirtle

Squirtle is water type Pokemon that evolves into Wartortle and eventually into the powerful Blastoise!

If you are wanting to track down a Squirtle, then you can get it for free as well! You’ll find this little guy causing some trouble for Officer Jenny early on, but later you’ll find her with it in Vermillion City. You’ll need to have caught at least 60 Pokemon at this point to get this little turtle to join you as a companion.

Now, if you want to find it in the wild, you’ll have to head to Route 24, Route 25, and to the Seaform Islands where it can be found as a rare spawn.

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