A lot of the side quests in Scarlet Nexus will be eliminating certain types of enemies or killing them in various ways. The first few side quests are exceptionally easy to accomplish.

One such side quest called Human-Like, but Not is to find an Other called Buddy Rummy and eliminate two of them during a Brain Drive. To find this enemy is fairly straightforward. Use the fast travel system and teleport to Mizuhagawa District—Construction Site.

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Once you have arrived, it doesn’t take long to encounter this type of Other. It’s practically the first enemy you see when you enter.

Remember, you need to Buddy Rummy while in Brain Drive. If you eliminate them in any other way, then they will not count towards the quest completion. This is more complicated than it sounds, as you cannot activate Brain Drive manually. The Brain Drive gauge fills up when enemies have been defeated, or you take damage, as in then activated automatically when it’s filled.

The Brain Gauge resets upon traveling to a new area, so you have to fill up the gauge in the same area as the Buddy Rummy. So keep an eye on the Brain Gauge to the right of your health gauge, and when full, quickly find some Buddy Rummy you haven’t killed and complete the quest.

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