There is a Level 50 World Boss in Lost Ark named Proxima in the North Vern Continent. Unlike the World Bosses in the previous Continents, Proxima will normally take an entire day to spawn. Do not underestimate Proxima.

Where is Proxima?

Velkan is located on the west side of Vernese Forest. This Area is a maze, but there are two ways to get there:

  • From the north waypoint
    • Stay close to the edge as you circle the map. You’ll eventually reach the spot where you can just jump to Proxima’s location.
  • From the south waypoint or Rania Village.
    • There is a spot under Vernese road where the rafts move around. You should stay on the raft until you reach Reed Leaf Forest, then walk to the jumping point. You won’t reach the point if you get off before then, as there are two dead ends on the way.
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Proxima travels underground and is similar to a Kraken on land. The easiest way to deal with Proxima is to wait for a group to fight it. Don’t take Proxima on by yourself. Time your attacks so you don’t get hit, and if you’re ranged, keep the pressure up. Proxima has 29,283,990 hit points and 23 life bars. Generally, you should take on World Bosses in groups, but Proxima is a cakewalk if you’ve already completed the North Vern storyline.

When you defeat the Proxima, you will receive your Adventurer’s Tome Reward, XP, and regular rewards. Proxima will only give you a chest the first time.

  • Three pieces of Epic Gear
  • Cooking Recipe ingredient
  • An Epic Accessory
  • Two Uncommon Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouches
  • A Secret Map
  • An Eternity Essence

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