There is a level-39 World Boss in Lost Ark named Caspiel. Caspiel is on a timer and respawns every 30 minutes after being defeated. He is located in Skyreach Steppe in Tortoyk. Unless you kill him before his reset, he will return to full health.

Where is Caspiel?

Caspiel is located on the east side of the center of Skyreach Steppe. He is surrounded by trees and rocks. This area is filled with monsters battling that shouldn’t bother you if you do not bother them.

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Caspiel cannot be defeated easily and has 1,967,454 hit points and 23 life bars. World Bosses are generally best taken on in a group. Caspiel’s attacks are relatively easy to dodge because he is slow. Other monsters will attack him if he comes across them.

If you are under level 40, you will die after a few hits from Caspiel’s attacks, so the best strategy is to hang out on the side and let everyone else do the work.

Rewards for beating Caspiel

  • Three pieces of epic gear (level 210)
  • An Epic Accessory (level 215)
  • treasure map
  • An eternity essence
  • A Card of Caspiel
  • Entry in the adventure book for Caspiel

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