East Luterra also has an Adventurer’s Tome that requires you to collect seven collectibles. These can be acquired from killing enemies, bosses, or even as quest rewards, and one of them is called Black Fox Flag.

How to get Black Fox Flag in Lost Ark?

Since Black Fox Flag is the final collectible in the East Luttera Adventurer’s Tome, it is the hardest to acquire. We got ours from the Knights Chest reward for completing the Final Battle quest, for taking back Luterra Castle. This is not a guaranteed drop.

If you do not get this from the chest reward, your best bet is to farm the three dungeons in East Luterra, as you have a higher chance of getting it for defeating a boss. All you need to find is a single one, and that is all you need to complete the Black Fox Flag collectible.

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If your drop rate is terrible, feel free to come back later at a higher level and one-shot evening into oblivion, especially dungeon bosses.

You need to collect one Black Fox Flag for those looking to complete the Adventurer’s Tome fully. Once you have found one, right-click it in your inventory, and it will automatically be added to the tome.

The following other collectibles you need to complete the East Luterra’s Adventurer’s Tome are:

  • Eagle Ring
  • Nahun’s Key
  • Gold Coin of the Dead
  • Legend of Luoden River
  • Dagger of the High Priest
  • Collected Stories of the Luterran Knights
  • Black Fox Flag

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