It’s no secret that nearly everything in Rune Factory 5 is either too expensive or not available without an expansion from Studio Palmer. This is why it helps to craft your own weapons, tools, armors, accessories, and more. However, each item needs specific materials to be made. A particularly tricky one to find is a shard called Armor Fragment. Here’s where to find some.

Armor Fragment location

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Armor Fragments are dropped by two monsters in the game:

  • Armored Fish (level 51), which is located in Meline Crystal Caverns: Depths
  • Armored Mammoth (level 88), which is located on the SEED Floating Fortress 2F

Movie the story forward if you don’t have access to any of these locations yet. Meline Crystal Caverns: Depths will be accessible after Livia sends you on a string of missions.

Between the two, it’s naturally much faster to farm the Armored Fish. With the Armored Mammoth’s drop rate for the item being a little higher, they spawn in smaller hoards and are very sturdy even when you’ve gone over their level. Armored Mammoths have six times the HP of Armored Fishes.

Armor Fragment crafting list

  • Vendetta (Sword)
    • Armor Fragment
    • Silver
    • Black Feather
    • Any “Minerals”
  • Overbreak (Spear)
    • Armor Fragment
    • Blue Scale
    • Grimoire Scale
    • Any “Sticks and Stems”
  • Spiked Hammer (Hammer)
    • Armor Fragment
    • Any “Claws and Fangs”
    • Any “Sticks and Stems”
  • Broken Wall (Dual Blades)
    • Armor Fragment
    • Earth Crystal
  • Curse Shield (Shield)
    • Armor Fragment
    • Diamond
    • Tiny Golem Stone
  • Magical Shield (Shield)
    • Armor Fragment
    • Crimson Scale
    • Rune Crystal
  • General’s Robe (Armor)
    • Armor Fragment
    • General’s Orb
    • Dragonic Stone
    • Rune Sphere Shard

When used to upgrade items, it adds a +30 Magic Attack stat buff when said item is equipped. It can be sold for 2450G.

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