In Tower of Fantasy’s massive open world, you can encounter a plethora of enemies—some more formidable than others. If you’re looking to farm important resources, such as upgrade materials, Matrix Chips, and more, you need to find Advanced Password Chests dropped by World Bosses. Apophis is a World Boss you can find in Banges, the region northeast of Astra. Here’s where to can find it.

Where to find North Highlands Banges Factories in Tower of Fantasy

Apophis is located in the North Highlands Banges Factories, around the coordinates (-483.6, 23.1). Light up the map using the Omnium Tower and head south to find a clearing housing Apophis. Reference the map below for its exact location.

Apophis World Boss location in Tower of Fantasy.
Image by GameTips.PRO

Before engaging in battle against this World Boss, keep in mind that it’s level 30. You can attempt to defeat it at lower levels, but it may be helpful to get help from other players. You can post the coordinates in the World Chat and ask others to come to rally a team to help. Everyone who engages in battle against Apophis will be eligible to claim the Advanced Password Chest reward at the end.

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