Slime Rancher is full of titular slimes to track down, collect, and harvest plorts from. One of the more profitable slimes found relatively early on is the Angler Slimes. Here’s where to find the fun little slimes and how to care for them.

Angler Slime Location in Slime Rancher 2

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Angler Plorts are located in two different areas off the main starting area. They are Ember Valley and Starlight Strand. They’re located near geysers in Ember Valley and along the water in Starlight Strand. To access Ember Valley, players must take care of the Pink Gordo. A Cotton Gordo guards access to Starlight Strand. To clear them, the Pink Gordo will eat anything while the Cotton Gordo craves vegetables.

Angler Slimes are easily identified by the little light dangling above their head and the fins along the top and sides of their bodies. They’re a great source of income and should be the next step after pink slimes, cat slimes, and cotton slimes. The Angler Slime is a fan of the Sea Hen, so try and keep this little buddy happy with his favorite snack for maximum plort production.

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