To find VHS tapes in Project Zomboid, you will need to search wardrobes, tables, and desks in homes. You will also need to search shelves and counters in Gift Stores, Storage Units, and Gast Stations.

You can also find VHS stores, but these often don’t contain any VHS tapes and look empty. However, some players have reported looting tapes in other parts of the store. 

So we recommend checking every room if you stumble across a VHS tape store. But, what can you even do with these VHS tapes? 

In short, VHS is a form of entertainment, and a means for players to reap the benefits of the Life and Living TV channel after it goes dark. 

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Players can watch tapes via a TV and lower their burden mood, and they can also use them to gain levels in various skills. If you want to use VHS tapes to gain skills, you need to look for a specific VHS variant

These special VHS tapes are usually just VHS versions of the many shows players can catch during the first eight days of starting a game. That said, here is a complete list of all VHS tapes that give skills from watching them. 

All skill VHS tapes in Project Zomboid

Tape NameSkill
The Cook Show EP 1-7 Cooking
Woodcraft EP 1-7Carpentry
OSCC ’92 Mechanics
Stock cars Mechanics
Carzone EP 1-3Mechanics
 Exposure Survival EP 1-2 Fishing
 Exposure Survival EP 3 Farming
 Exposure Survival EP 4 Carpentry
Exposure Survival EP 5 Carpentry and Foraging
Exposure Survival EP 6 Trapping
Exposure Survival EP 7 Foraging
Exposure Survival EP 8Carpentry
Granny NaniTailoring
nof vidMetalworking
 Combat Wound Management First Aid
TV repairElectrical
 Muldraugh AV Club Electrical
RMFAFirst Aid
no 9 Metalworking
Tailoring 101 Tailoring

How to use VHS tapes in Project Zomboid?

To use a VHS tape in Project Zomboid, players will need to locate a TV and pop the tape inside of it. You can find TVs in a lot of locations, but the best place to look is inside homes, as they are more common inside of them.

When you locate a TV, click on it as you would if you were going to watch a TV channel. But instead of playing around with the channel settings, you will instead need to click and drag a tape from inventory into the TV. Once the tape is placed, simply click play and then sit back and watch the show.

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