In the Adventurer’s Tome in Lost Ark, there is a Boss called Salt Giant that you can find and attempt to kill in the region of Yudia. The region right after Rethramis. This field boss is meant to be fought with other people on the server, not by yourself— unless you are at an extremely high level.

Salt Giant spawns just to the southeast of Saland Hills city on the Aregal Salt Plains in the Yudia region. This boss spawns every 30 minutes. To top it off, Salt Giant has over 10 million health. Salt Giant uses no weapon but uses heavily damaging Area of Effect attacks that can decimate you if you do not dodge accordingly.

Always choose a busy server if you want to fight world bosses, as you have a higher chance of finding an array of people to help.

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This will not be an easy fight, but with enough people, healing items, phoenix plumes, and patience, you will be able to defeat this boss and claim all of the loot that drops.

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