As you progress through Lost Ark, you will come across different World Bosses such as Ancheladus. Bosses like these provide you with sweet loot and rewards to better help you on your journey. If you happen to still be in Tier 2 and are looking to bump up to Tier 3, then this fight might be the best to start. You’ll need to head over to the north area of Red Moonshade within the continent of Feiton as highlighted below in red.

This boss does have a large health bar so it would be wise to go in with an Item Level of at least 1040. You will also need to search your in-game calendar for this boss when you’d like to fight to track it down. This will be the best way to track which World Bosses you’ve fought and which are still left.

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How to defeat Ancheladus in Lost Ark

The biggest thing to take note of when battling Ancheladus is that he spawns Bloody Moon Shards in the north, south, east, and west of his position. These shards need to be destroyed when they spawn to expose Ancheladus. He will try to immediately move his position which is the signal for the best time to attack him.

The following is a list of the different attack mechanics you will most likely encounter:

  • Wide Slam
    • Ancheladus will attack a wide area with a powerful slam.
  • Rupture
    • Ancheladus will make a 360-degree ring around himself surrounded by rock spikes that he will then channel and unleash. The spikes explode on impact.
  • Expanding Rings
    • Rings will be thrown at players that are difficult to dodge.
  • Suckerpunch
    • Ancheladus will create red circles on the ground, which burst to spawn small golems that will try to hit you.
  • Mid-Range Ring
    • Similar to Rupture, but shorter.

Once completed, you will then receive several item engravings as well as the insert of having battled him for Feiton’s Adventurer’s Tome.

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