It’s no secret that nearly everything in Rune Factory 5 is either too expensive or not available without an expansion from Studio Palmer. This is why it helps to craft your own weapons, tools, armors, accessories, and more. However, each item need specific materials to be made. A common one are Insect Carapaces.

Here’s where to find some.

How to get Insect Carapace

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Insect Carapaces are dropped by Insects at Phoros Woodlands. There’s a nest just beside the large waterfall in the area. There are also Insects near the bridge that leads to the only pond in the area.

Insects can be tamed—just make sure you have a barn. You can have one built at Studio Palmer. As long as it has space, you can offer the monsters Herbs or other items you have until they warm up to you. Do not attack it. It will undo all of your hard work.

Once tamed, Insects will produce one Carapace for you every morning. Plus, the higher its friendship level, the better the Carapace’s quality will be.

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