Icarus is a survival game with a big multiplayer focus. It has numerous resources players can find that are crucial to surviving. Players can use many of these resources in various ways. One resource that will become important later on in Icarus is aluminum. You might be wondering where to find aluminum in Icarus.

To find aluminum in Icarus, you will need to find and search caves. Aluminum ore can be found inside these caves and at the entrance outside. Once you have located aluminum ore, you will need to equip your pickaxe and mine it. Completely mine the vein to maximize your aluminum gain.

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If you do not have a pickaxe, you will not be able to mine aluminum so make sure you are prepared. Aluminum can be used in various things, such as building pieces and the recurve bow. However, we don’t recommend aluminum for building your shelter as it is somewhat weak for the cost and difficulty of accumulating it.

Caves are not just filled with ore as cave worms will occupy them. You will need to kill these cave worms before you begin mining, as their poison can kill you quickly if you are not careful.

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