Kirby and the Forgotten Land is filled with collectibles and missions that players can miss on their first playthrough. Each level has its own set of stage missions that Kirby must complete in order to rescue all of the Waddle Dees in that area. While some of these remain the same across most stages, like clearing the stage and saving the hidden Waddle Dees, others are different and reflect the stage’s design.

Where are the Wanted Posters in Scale the Cement Summit?

For the Scale the Cement Summit stage, players are tasked with removing three wanted posters. These can be a bit off the main path, so here is a detailed description of how to find each of them.

Wanted Poster #1

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Upon entering the stage, Kirby will need to climb a ladder and turn right to find the first Wanted Poster.

Wanted Poster #2

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

After a battle with the miniboss Fleurina, players will continue up a series of stairs. The wanted poster can be found on the far left side near the pool of water shown above.

Wanted Poster #3

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO
Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

The last Wanted Poster can be a bit tricky to find, as it is hidden behind a tree off to the right before rescuing the Waddle Dees at the end of the stage. This is right after Kirby finishes gliding in the Arch Mouth Mouthful Mode form.

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