While playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land, players will notice that each stage has their own set of missions that can be completed to rescue all of the captured Waddle Dees in that area. And though some missions remain the same across the stages, others change depending on the area’s theme. Concrete Isles is a stage in the Everbay Coast, the second world of the game, and features a water-filled design. To reflect the theme of the area, Kirby must locate all three hidden Sea Birds.

All Sea Bird locations in Concrete Isles in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

While one of the Sea Birds can be openly seen early on in the level sitting next to a platform, the quest does not show up unless the player has already found one. This is the easiest of the three to find as well, with the other two requiring the player to go a little further off the beaten path.

Sea Bird #1

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The first Sea Bird can be found sitting to the right of a platform pretty early on in the stage.

Sea Bird #2

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The second Sea Bird is located in the open water next to a power line. This is right before Kirby encounters the first cannon of the area.

Sea Bird #3

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The third and last Sea Bird is located just to the right of the platform where the Warp Star is sitting.

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