Tower of Fantasy breathes fresh air of life with the 1.5 update by introducing the Artificial Island, and all the wonders it holds. The update features a new home system to build your base and a new map with tons of monsters and world bosses to slay. The List of Targets is a checklist of powerful enemies you will find in various locations on the Artificial Island. In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can find all the targets on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy.

All Target spawn locations on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

The List of Targets includes seven different enemies who can be found in various regions of the map. Once defeated, they will respawn again after one hour. If other players in your server defeat the target, the respawn cooldown will be triggered. That said, here are all the targets on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy.

Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon location

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The Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon is a world boss that can be found atop the floating platforms in Eyrie. With special attacks and a massive health bar, it is advisable to battle with boss with a team. To reach the Eyrie platform, players need to interact with a red portal near the Rusty Iron Camp Spacerift.

Devourer location

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The Devourer is another world boss with devastating attacks and a seemingly endless health bar. Defeating this giant frog-like creature will grant players the chance to earn valuable rewards like Zero’s SSR Matrice, Handcannon Shards, or a random SSR weapon. The Devourer can be found in the Ring Arena on Artificial Island.

Guanglong location

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Guanglong is a level 70 katana-wielding warrior who patrols the area west of Ring Arena in Artificial Island. He can be most commonly found southwest of the Ring Arena, near the Dock Entrance Spacerift. Otherwise, he can also be found near a metal staircase west of Ring Arena.

Otto location

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Wildwing Otto is a spear-wielding level 70 enemy who can be found high atop floating platforms around the Artificial Island. Owing to the sheer altitude of Otto’s spawn locations, the easiest way to access him is by finding portals that teleport you to his location. Here are the locations of the five Otto portals in Tower of Fantasy.

  • A portal can be found directly west of Ring Arena, behind a metal wall.
  • A portal can be found south of Ring Arena, in front of a Chow Chow flower.
  • A portal can be found toward the west of Base Zero on a big pipe.
  • A portal can be found toward the east of Base Zero, behind a metal wall near the river.
  • Another portal can be found immediately toward the southeast of Eyrie, in the open grassy area.

Big Rat location

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The Big Rat is a level 70 enemy spawns in five locations on the Artificial Island. Here are the five spawn locations of Big Rat in Tower of Fantasy.

  • The first spawn location is the Stronghold directly west of Eyrie.
  • The second spawn location is across the river, in the Stronghold east of Sea Gate Passage.
  • The third spawn location is the Mine Base Stronghold.
  • The fourth spawn location is in the Rusty Iron Camp Stronghold.
  • The fifth and final spawn location is in Stronghold, southwest of Ring Arena.

Lockdown location

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Lockdown, or Type X Patrol Droid: Lockdown, is a level 70 enemy with high attack power and durable defenses. Lockdown can be found patrolling the road that connects Rusty Iron Camp to Mine Base.

Philly location

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Philly, also known as Rust Philly, is a hyena who attacks while flying a hovering craft. Players need to roam the area south of Base Zero to find Philly, as this is where he will most likely spawn. He might also spawn near the bottom of the cliff at times.

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