With numerous collectibles to find in the Halo Infinite campaign, it can be overwhelming trying to track them all down. Some of them appear on your map while others will only appear once you have found them. This includes Forerunner Archives which are Forerunner artifacts. Finding all of them unlocks the Haruspis secret achievement.

There are seven Forerunner Archives to find across Halo Infinite’s campaign. They appear as several broken rings protruding from the ground with a single fixed ring. Here are the locations for all seven Forerunner Artifacts in Halo Infinite’s campaign.

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Forerunner Archives 1 – 2

Image via 343 Industries & MapGenie

These two Forerunner Archives will require you to head north of the Tower. We recommend grabbing a vehicle to shorten the trek to these collectibles. A flying vehicle would be the best to get there quickly.

Forerunner Archives 3 – 7

Image via 343 Industries & MapGenie

The remainder of the Forerunner Archives can be collected south of the first two. You can simply grab the northernmost one in this area and make a loop around. Again, a flying vehicle will greatly reduce the time to collect these.

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