There are three hidden shops in Yakuza Like A Dragon that the player can find and buy rare and exclusive items from them, such as Gold keys. That said, it would be a good idea at some point to find them all as Gold keys are required to open Gold safes, which hold rare and powerful loot inside. Keep reading below for where to find all hidden shop locations.

How to Unlock Hidden Shops

To unlock hidden shops, you will, in general, need to have gotten the demolish skill from the Foreman job for Ichiban and use this said skill to remove the barricades from the two hidden shops. After this, you will then be able to use both shops to buy rare items like Golden keys. However, for the third hidden shop, you will need to do something entirely different.

Where to find Hidden Shop: Fumie 

As we explained in our Gold keys guide, you have to go over to the Commercial District in the following location above to find this hidden Shop. But to get inside, you have to have the Foreman job demolish skill, so get it if you haven’t already. After that, head on over to the location in the Commercial District and tear that barricade down.

Where to find Hidden Shop: Mangekyo

Same deal as the Fumie dealer, but you’re going a bit north for this one. To be exact, you’re heading on over to the Bar District, where you completed your first job from Hello Work. 

When you are at the Bar District, locate a set of stairs going up; on the right side is where you will find the barricade you need to tear down. See the image above for the exact location on the map and the one below for where to find it.

Where to find Hidden Shop: Black Market Merchant

The last one is the hardest to find as it requires you to play a bit into the game before it unlocks; so far the time being, don’t worry about locating it as you will automatically by following the storyline. But regardless, you can find it in the following location above near Ijin Street.

After this Merchant hunt, that will be it for this Yakuza guide. But if you are still hungry for more helpful guides, well, sate your hunger over at our Yakuza guide page.

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