Across the giant world and various territories of Dying Light 2, there are 70 different pieces of graffiti for players to find decorating Villedor. Although the world extends pretty far, players will only find different graffiti within the territories; Houndfield, Trinity, Horseshoe, Quarry End, Downtown, The Wharf, New Dawn Park, Muddy Ground, Saint Paul Island, Garrison, and Lower Dam Ayre. We’ll go over all the names and locations.

All Graffiti locations in Dying Light 2

All Graffiti in Houndfield

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Northern Houndfield

  • Hellgate – Hellgate is found near the far western edge south of the Doctor Gambit.
  • Bzyk – Bzyk can be found between the Rooftop School and Saint Joseph Hospital.
  • Out of Blue – Found northwest of the ‘Birch Windmill.’
  • South Fish – Just southwest of the Bakery Settlement.

Middle Houndfield

  • The 80s Are Back, Baby – East of the Nightrunner’s Hideout.
  • Tick Tock – Southwest of the Rooftop Outpost, on a rooftop billboard.
  • So Different and So Similar – Northeast of the GRE Anomaly C-A-22.
  • Peace of Mind – South of the ‘Cherry’ Windmill.
  • Memento Mori – West of the GRE Anomaly C-A-22, near the edge of the territory.

All Graffiti in Trinity

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Northern Trinity

  • United in Fun – Everyone Can Play! – Just northwest of the northern Nightrunner’s Hideout inside a fenced area.
  • Happy Skeleton – Southwest of the northern Nightrunner’s Hideout, inside the plaza.
  • McHazmat – Just northwest of the northern Trading Post in an alley with a blue truck.
  • Jar Jar Things – South of the northern Trading Post, this one can be seen from inside a plaza.
  • Shadow of the Nightrunners – At Cillian’s House, on the rooftop.

Southern Trinity

  • Fallen Angel – Directly north of the Rooftop School, near a Military Convoy.
  • Hell and Heaven – Northeast of the southern Trading Post, near the playground.
  • Angels and Demons – North of the southern Trading Post, near the playground.
  • This is The End of The Beginning – Northeast of the ‘Larch’ Windmill, in an inner corner of a building.

All Graffiti in Horseshoe

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  • Lullaby – Directly south of the ‘Willow’ Windmill, inside the top floor loft.
  • Mechanical Animals – At the northern Trading Post, on the roof to the left.
  • Skullhammer – Directly south of the Nightrunner’s Hideout, on the left side of the bridge.
  • Monkey Business – Just north of the Pumpkin Farm, near the swingsets.
  • Temper Temper – Just northeast of the Horseshoe Water Tower.
  • Your Whole World is a Bulka – Southeast of the ‘Maple’ Windmill, on the side of the THV Genomics Center.
  • Wonderland – Directly west of the southern Trading Post, on a balcony.

All Graffiti in Quarry End

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Northern Quarry End

  • Sleeper – Southeast of the Uniform Workshop on the border, it’ll be on the rooftop across from the bank.
  • Diabou – Northwest of the Brewery, on a rooftop.
  • Living Dead Girl – Another rooftop graffiti just south of the previous piece.
  • Money Money Money – On a rooftop southeast of the Main Terminal Station, near a tree with yellowing leaves.
  • Run Boy Run – Southwest of the Cadet Academy, this is also on a rooftop.

Southern Quarry End

  • The Grim Reaper – Directly west of the ‘Oak’ Windmill, on the rooftop across from the burger joint.
  • Rambunny – South of the Run Boy Run piece, on the side of a building.
  • Crouching Monster, Hidden Biter – Just east of the Rambunny.
  • Bad Wolf – South of the GRE Anomaly C-A-01.
  • Red Rat Run – In the Underground Metro Station, just on the outside of the southwestern border.

All Graffiti in Downtown

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Northern Downtown

  • Monking – Northeast of the western Rooftop School.
  • Toy Soldier – On the northern side of the GRE Vaccine Lab.
  • Good Luck – Southwest of the eastern Rooftop School.

Southern Downtown

  • Make Love, Not War – In the northwestern corner of the Safe Zone, near the zip-line.
  • Good Night, Villedor! – Just below the ‘Pine’ Windmill, on its northern side.
  • Rais Off Your Knees – Directly east of the southern Nightrunner’s Hideout.
  • Heart vs Money – On the northern side of the southwestern Pumpkin Farm.
  • A Bag of Cash – On a roof on the northern side of the Pumpkin Farm.
  • Blown Money – Just south of the ‘Pine’ Windmill, on the balcony with red railing.

All Graffiti in The Wharf

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  • Plague Doctor – East of the Waterside Metro.
  • Pestilence – Southeast of the Waterside Metro.
  • Hellfire Sausage – Southwest of the ‘Magnolia’ Windmill.
  • Death Girl – Northeast of the southern Safe House on the window sill right beneath the entrance into the Dark Hollow.

All Graffiti in New Dawn Park

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  • The Peaceful Warrior – Northwest of the Craftmaster at Fish Eye Canteen.
  • Jaws – Directly south of the Fish Eye Canteen, on the roof near the lift.

All Graffiti in Muddy Ground

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  • The Doors – Northeast of the Artist Workshop on the roof.
  • Power of Light – Southwest of the Artist Workshop.
  • Cherubinator – In the northwestern corner of the Metropolitan Art Gallery.
  • Face from the Past – On the roof at the Trading Post with Nightrunner Trial IX.
  • Dirty Money – On top of the bike rack at the ‘Elm’ Windmill.
  • Blind Beauty – Just northeast of the Pumpkin Farm.

All Graffiti in Garrison

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Western Garrison

  • Why So Serious? – On the tower to the east of the GRE Anomaly C-A-78.
  • Jing Cats – On the lower level of the northwestern Nightrunner’s Hideout.
  • Greed – Northwest of the ‘Teak’ Windmill, near the camp between two buildings.

Eastern Garrison

  • Ouroboros – Between the Trading Post and Pumpkin Farm.
  • Bad Habit – West of Culvert Island, near the northern border near a yellow dumpster.
  • The Boss – Just east of the ‘Juniper’ Windmill.
  • Birds of Curse – Northeast of the southern Nightrunner’s Hideout on the roof.

All Graffiti in Lower Dam Ayre

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Western Lower Dam Ayre

  • Tree of Death – West of the South Loop Radio Tower.
  • The Great Explorers – Northeast of the THV Advanced Care building.

Eastern Lower Dam Ayre

  • John Dog – Directly south of the ‘Spruce’ Windmill.
  • Space Explorers – Northwest of the GRE Anomaly C-A-23.

All Graffiti in Saint Paul Island

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  • Hell Hound – On the southern end of the Saint Paul Electrical Station.
  • Carousel of Life – West of the Saint Paul Cathedral, near the southern end.
  • Hunting for Hunters – West of the southern Rooftop School.

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