Throughout Far Cry 6, players can find both Criptograma charts and chests, the final set of these chests and charts are located on the final area in the game, Esperanza. If you want to find all chests on Esperanza in Far Cry 6, you will need to start with the one located on the city’s outskirts.

You can find the first chest in the spot shown below, and the charts to open it are close by. First locate the chest and then scale the roof of the building above it.

The first chest can be found in the same area on top of a roof, as shown below. Grab it and then locate the next one.

The second chart can be found on a nearby rooftop, as shown below. Grab it and then head into the city to find the last chest and chart set.

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But, before you want to get the last charts and chest set, you will need to progress further into the game. This point will be around when you beat the other three bosses in the game. Otherwise, you will not be able to progress into the city due to roadblocks.

Nonetheless, the last chest you can find in the game is in the following spot both on the map and in-game below.

After you find the chest, you can find both charts nearby. The first is on the roof of the church shown below.

You can find the last on Esperanza further down from the church shown below. Grab and then unlock the chest to gain your rewards.

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