Here you will find every collectible location in The Elder’s Scroll mission in Aragami 2. To find all collectibles in the mission The Elder’s Scroll in, you will need to follow a specific path to all three collectibles in the mission. You can do this by following our walkthrough steps laid out below. 

Where to find the first collectible in The Elder’s Scroll in Aragami 2

To find the first collectible, start by heading straight towards a cliff from where you spawn in the mission. When you find the cliff, you will want to jump onto the buildings and follow the path of the red arrows in the image below.

After reaching the second house on the docks, you’ll be a few steps closer to finding the first collectible. However, there will be a soldier wandering around below, as shown by our green box in the image below.

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Wait for this soldier to move and jump down on them, silently kill them, or wait for them to move and sneak upon them, and after you take them out, proceed to the end of the docks as shown below.

Where our arrows are pointing is where you should head next, jump, and you can find the first collectible in the spot shown by our image below.

Where to find the second collectible in The Elder’s Scroll in Aragami 2

If you want to find the second collectible, head back to the docks and follow the path laid out by our image below after you get the first collectible.

When you reach the top of the building, follow the path to the road that leads up, as shown below – be sure to eavesdrop on the guards to progress the mission. 

Next, follow the path leading up to the tent, watch out for the guard standing next to the fence or silently take them out or just ignore them. 

Once you reach the tent, you can find the second Aragami 2 collectible behind the shrine.

Where to find the third collectible in The Elder’s Scroll in Aragami 2

To find the third collectible, jump on the shrine where you found the second collectible, as shown below.

Next, jump onto the cliff where our arrow is pointing and follow the bridge north that will be on your right.

Watch out for the guard that will be patrolling the area around the second and third bridge – use your shadow vision to find where he is and take them out.

Deal with the guard, and then head north until you find the location as shown below next to a fence and wall. 

The last golden statute can be found on a cliff, and you reach the cliff by hanging on the fence and then jumping up on the platform above and then jumping down. 

Follow our arrow path and you will get the last collectible golden shrine in the Elder’s Scroll mission in Aragami 2.

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