A Song of the Phantom is a Hidden Story in Lost Ark on the Rohendel continent. After finding the first part of the Hidden Story, you will be given a timer of 20 minutes, so be sure to go straight to the second part.

Where to find A Song of the Phantom Hidden Story in Rohendel

First Hidden Story

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

It is relatively easy to find the first Hidden Story. Go to the east side of Xeneela Ruins, right where the Breezesome Brae map change marker is. The marker above can be confusing, so make sure you are at the right bump on the map. The one you’re looking for is free of trees and overlooks a valley. Investigate the dry grass to find the first part of this hidden story. The timer will start 20 minutes after you finish your investigation.

Second Hidden Story

You can get to the second part of the Hidden Story by using the Triport at the center of Xeneela Ruins and then walking to Moonkeep, which is 20 steps north. The elevator will take you down to the bottom floor. You’ll see a circular carving on the ground that glows. Go to the southwest side of the circle. We’ve provided two maps above to help you get to Moonkeep and the second Hidden Story within.

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