Is Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day without a rose? Who knows, but you need to find one to complete this Week 11 quest!

Where to find a Rose at Steel Farm or The Orchard

To find a rose at Steel Farm or The Orchard is again one of the most leisurely Week 11 quests you can complete. However, this is only in theory because there are only two locations, there might be many people gunning for these two places asap, so we recommend getting geared up before you go. Or head straight there with your trusty harvesting tool, and hope for the best!

Luckily for this quest, you only need to find the rose itself. You do not need to pick it up. If you did, then this Week 11 quest would be quite problematic!

A screenshot from Fortnite showing where the roses are
Thanks, Fortnite GG

The rose at Steel Farm, all you have to do is go round to the back of the house, and next to some corn boxes, underneath the windowsill, is the rose.

To get the rose at the Orchard, enter the building from the south, and as soon as you enter in the left-hand corner of the room, will be the roses on the floor. And that’s it, a straightforward quest to complete!

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