Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 recently received the 19.10 patch update, and the Grenade Launcher was unvaulted with new modifications. The official patch notes mentioned that the weapon has been tweaked to improve its efficiency in the current season.

The Grenade Launcher currently spawns only in Rare Chests, and supply drops. Players can also acquire this weapon by eliminating sharks this season. The Epic variant is the most common Grenade Launcher players will find in Rare chests. It does 74 base damage with a reload speed of 2.85 seconds. 

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The Grenade Launcher has a new mechanic where projectiles explode right after the first bounce. Firing directly at the opponent will yield better results with this new tweak. The grenade explodes 0.5 seconds after hitting the surface. 

Currently, players will only find the Epic and Legendary variants of the Grenade Launcher. The Legendary variant has 77 DPS, with 6 shell magazine capacity and base damage of 77. It takes 2.7 seconds to reload the launcher, and it deals 220 damage on builds. 

This weapon is good for mid to long-range combat, especially when you have the height advantage over the enemy. It’s also an effective gun to use against builds, especially if you are outnumbered. Firing it close range will always have a risk of inflicting self-damage. 

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