To find a Captive Cord in Destiny 2 for the Essence of Failure quest, you will need to find it inside the Lunar Battlegrounds. The Lunar Battlegrounds is an unmarked location in Destiny 2, but you can find it by first going to Sorrow’s Harbor. 

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Fast travel to Sorrow’s Harbor and then head southeast while hugging the wall. Eventually, you should find a red bridge, as shown above. Following this red bridge will take you to the Lunar Battlegrounds

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If you have trouble locating the bridge to the Lunar Battlegrounds, follow the path laid out in the image below. 

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Following our path will take you to the Bridge location and lead you to the Lunar Battlegrounds. That said, inside the Lunar Battlegrounds, you will find the Captive cord at a radar tower shown below. 

To find this radar tower, head north from the initial tunnel leading to the Lunar Battlegrounds. Eventually, you will find another path that will lead you to an opening, as shown below.

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On the right is where you will find the building that will have a lootable weapon part. Pick the weapon part up, and you will find a Capture Cord in Destiny 2. 

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