Lost Ark is an MMO with a lot of things to collect. These collectibles range in difficulty and methods. You can track some of these via your Adventure Tome. At the top, there are seven collectibles in Yudia. One of these is Ramella’s Mirror.

These can only be obtained on the continent Yudia. The Ramella’s Mirror is not tied to a specific enemy here. Instead, they are random drops from all enemies in this region. We found our drops from Thorngrip Bandit, Thorngrip Archer, and Archera.

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The drop rates are quite low, with collectibles further to the right being even rarer. You can get some of these from completing quests in Yudia, but this will not be enough to complete the collectible. A majority of these items will come from drops.

If our theory is correct, you do not need to farm a specific enemy type but rather any enemy in this region so you can collect them as you play. Once you collect Ramella’s Mirror, right-click on it in your inventory. Collect this item and do this 10 times, and it will be checked off in your Adventure Tome.

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