Lost Ark is an MMO with a lot of things to collect. These collectibles range in difficulty and methods. You can track some of these via your Adventure Tome. At the top, there are seven collectibles in West Luterra. One of these is Lynnis’s Ring.

These can only be obtained on the continent West Luterra. Lynnis’s Ring is not tied to a specific enemy here. Instead, they are random drops from all enemies in this region. This means you can kill any enemy and receive this item.

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How to get Lynnis’s Ring in Lost Ark

To get Lynnis’s Ring collectible in Lost Ark, you need to kill enemies in West Luterra. The drop is not tied to a specific enemy here, so you can kill any enemy. We recommend just progressing through the story, and you will start getting drops as you go.

With time and luck, you should eventually get Lynnis’s Ring drop to complete the entry in the Adventurer Tome. You may have to kill a little more monsters than normal as the drop rates are low.

The following other collectibles you need to complete the West Luterra’s Adventurer’s Tome are:

  • Centurion’s Notebook.
  • Thirain’s Wanted Poster.
  • The Legend of King Luterra.
  • A Pendant of the Fallen Noble..
  • Redhand Mercenary Gloves.
  • Marionette of the Steel Lady.

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